Private Persons

Delivering the the tax return is an issue you put off as long as possible. That’s understandable because the preparation of the tax return is time-consuming for the impartial citizen.

That’s why we think: Don’t put it off as long as possible, just leave it with us!

We take care of everything necessary and recognize potential chances and risks. From optimizing your tax burdens and the pointing out of possible tax benefits till the correspondence with tax authorities.

We release you of the unnecessary time thievery and manage all your fiscal concerns on time, competent and responsible.

Our services for your private tax concerns:

  • Income tax declaration
  • Declarative statement
  • Application for income tax reduction
  • Inheritance tax and accessions tax
  • Consultation of anticipated succession
  • Investment consulting

  • Correspondence, argumentation and negotiation with financial authorities
  • Minimizing tax
  • Comparison of tax burdens
  • Examination of assessments
  • Asset planning